The Great Wall Of Your Home

Decorating walls is one of the most convenient ways to enhance the beauty of a room.

Rather than keeping the walls plain which makes the room look boring, one can easily switch to new rends to get a look of your choice in term of painting or designing the wall.

Decorating walls is one of the most convenient ways to enhance the beauty of a room, the dilemma, though, that one is stuck with, is whether to go for regular painting or textured wall-work. There are several ways in which we can add texture. Either we could add texture to an entire wall or we just create an accent on the wall.

Both ways, we can achieve a pleasing expression of design with wall textures. This gives a diverse touch and look to your interiors. Here’s some cue on what goes in textured designs which are rare and new for your wall-twists.

Raw Concrete Walls

Introducing raw concrete walls, is one of the ways to do it. As concrete has its own blotches, it gels well with the backdrop of neutrals and wood for a distinctive effect. This gives a composed look. Adding another accessories with related shades and patterns with a concrete accent wall yields a great results in terms of look. This concept works well if the shape has big windows that allows natural light to seep in. And if a single concrete highlighted wall is not sufficient for an enhance, then having it all over the room would give it an industrial level. We can also adopt concrete’s natural qualities to create some fascinating arrangements.

Adding to this would be another interesting combo with modern concrete walls with vintage-inspired fixtures. When specially used kitchen to highlight the walls, white cabinets give contrast by blending beautifully.

Exposed Brick

The exposed bricks walls are commonly in vogue in when it comes to interiors. Brick walls are also described as worn out textures. This texture works well with rustic themes. Natural brick texture gives an old-school look and feel to the room.


Fabrics offer a wide variety of options when it comes to textures, patterns and colors. Textures makes a room lot cozier. The fusion of fabric and glass offers the required contrast to space. Having dark fabric on the wall with light frames around highlights the bedroom much more. The actual fabric texture could be also be duplicated with paints and wallpaper which are available in the market, just in case you don not prefer a fabric.

Plaster of Paris

Plaster of Paris is predominantly used on ceilings. The same material can be used to decorate the walls by giving the desired shape and patterns on them.

This also helps avoid the problem of uneven finishes on the actual wall, while providing for some extra unique features. Any geometric shapes could be molded on it, and adding the dynamic lighting makes the wall look more elegant.


5 Reasons Why Pune is The Best City to Live in India

Pune has emerged as the smartest city of India over the span of last 10 years and how. Emerging IT sectors, planned housing societies, and pleasant weather, Pune has everything that makes it the best city to live and work in.

Pune has emerged as the smartest city of India over the span of last 10 years and how. Emerging IT sectors, planned housing societies, and pleasant weather, Pune has everything that makes it the best city to live and work in. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Pune is awarded as the 2nd best city to live in India.

So, what makes Pune the most desirable city in India to live and work in? Lets us find out:

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1. Pune has the Most Amazing Weather

While most Indian cities (Bengaluru included) are reeling under terrific heat waves, Pune seems to have handled climate change pretty well. The city has good weather throughout the year. Summers are bearable, winters are awesome but it is the monsoon that Punekar boast of. Thanks to tons of mountains and greenery surrounding the city, the weather is not too hot or cold, just pleasant at any time of the year.

2. IT Scene in Pune is Quite Happening

Pune is one of those Indian cities where a lot of action is happening in the IT sector. With offices of more than 110 MNCs, Pune houses some of the biggest IT parks in India. There are more than 5 official IT zones in the city with the presence of all the major IT giants such as TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, etc.  Thanks to the low cost of living in Pune (as compared to other IT cities), more and more companies are now looking forward to opening their branches in Pune.  Booming IT sector in Pune is a boon for job seekers

3. Owning a Home in Pune is Affordable

Although Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra, next only to Mumbai, property rates here are much cheaper. A number of new residential and commercial properties are coming up in the city that can fit the budget of a salaried person too!

Even if you are looking to rent a house, the rents in Pune are much affordable compared to Mumbai. The city is well connected by public transport and you can travel to any part of the city without worrying about traffic problems.

4. Proximity to Holiday Destinations

Whether you love beaches or adore the tranquillity of mountains, Pune has everything lying in close proximity. There are plenty of trekking destinations around Pune that is flooded by trekkers post monsoon. Hill stations like Mahabaleshwar, Matheran, Lavasa, etc are just a few hours drive from Pune and beaches like Konkan and Ratnagiri make for awesome weekend getaways. Add to it many amazing forts and splashing waterfalls that surround the city. Clearly, the top reason on my bucket list to settle in Pune.

5. Pune is a Major Educational Hub

Popularly called as the ‘Oxford of the East’, Pune has been historically famous as education hub of India. From world famous universities and colleges to top management schools, Pune has been the hot favourite educational destination of India. The city has also been the favourite place for Global Events, Summits, Concerts and Fests as well as many famous film festivals.

Apart from all the above-mentioned points, lively night life, women safety, security and friendly people together make Pune the best city to live and work in India.