Décor Tips for Your Dining Room

Get a cue from these trendy dining room décor ideas and showcase your signature style.

Bored of the old look of your dining room? Wondering how to decorate your dining room to give it a refreshing look? Get a cue from these trendy dining room décor ideas and showcase your signature style.

From contemporary to vintage, we have covered it all.

Add Colour with Colourful Runners

Adding colourful runners is the easiest way to add an assortment of colour and patterns to your dining room. You can go for colours matching your curtains or select neutral tones. Regardless, it can instantly spruce up the style quotient and add a pop of glamour instantly.

Let ‘Statement Lighting’ Do the Talking

Experiment with lighting is often limited to bedrooms or bathrooms. It is the time to take the plunge and decorate your dining room with a bold sconce. A vintage chandelier or contemporary globe pendant speak for itself and would just look amazing over a larger dining table or a coffee table.

An Oversized Art Piece can Seize the Limelight

You can never go wrong with a classic art piece.  You can make the art stand by hanging a larger-than-life piece bang in the middle of the wall. Hanging art piece low keeps it at eye level thus making it even more noticeable.

Add Patterns to Your Wall

Use leftover paint from your living room to add interesting patterns to the dining room well. Make vertical stripes or cross-check patterns and witness your wall convert from boring to beautiful.

Add Slipcovers

Bored of the same old chairs? Change the look of your dining table chairs with slipcovers. Monochrome slipcovers with your monogram is a perfect way to personalize the furniture with sophistication. If you prefer a bold look, go for bright, colourful slipcovers in contrast with the curtains.

Let Natural Lighting Do the Trick

If your dining area receives ample sunlight, then replace your curtains with transparent ones and convert your dining room into open, inviting space. Add some fresh flowers and indoor plants to accessorize the dining area.  Have moderate yellow lighting for the night.

Say No to Too Much Furniture

The dining area is for eating food and it is natural to have a table, chairs, etc in the dining room. However, having too much wood in the dining area can be a bit overwhelming. If you don’t have too many people in your home, you can have a small dining table with 4 chairs and use the remaining area creatively. Adding a painted cabinet not only enhance look but adds tons of storage space as well.

Create a Stunning Ceiling

When decorating your dining room, do not forget the fifth wall. Paint a unique design, use a wallpaper, or add architectural details. There is so much you can do to decorate the ceiling.  You can vintage on the ceiling with rustic beam and custom artwork in neutral hues.



The Year Gone and the Year Ahead

No matter the number of highs and lows in 2017, here we are looking at 2018 as a year filled with hope, opportunities and positivity.

As we bid adieu to 2017, people across the world are ready to welcome 2018 with much zeal and enthusiasm.  For some people, New Year is nothing more than just another year while for many other the changing calendar brings along new hope, new aspirations and a wish for better times.

Every year as we welcome the New Year with open arms, we certainly take a look back at the past year for all the good and bad memories it has brought along. For India, 2017 was a year of hope and positive changes. While Manushi Chillar brought the Miss World crown home after a long gap of 17 years, Women in blue reached World Cup Final first time ever and made it the highest followed women sports in India.  ISRO launched a record-breaking 104 satellites with a single rocket, breaking Russia’s record by nearly 3 times and for the first time, FIFA Under-17 World Cup was hosted in India taking the popularity of sports to another level.

In a landmark decision, Supreme Court granted every Indian ‘right to privacy’ despite their sexual orientation. And at the same time, we witnessed violence and sad demise of people during Guru Ram Rahim Singh’s conviction. While the death of 7-year-old Pradyuman in Ryan International School raised questions on the safety of our kids at School but again declaration of Triple Talaq as unconstitutional gave women empowerment a whole new meaning.

No matter the number of highs and lows in 2017, here we are looking at 2018 as a year filled with hope, opportunities and positivity.

Team Venkatesh Buildcon & Urban Nests, wishes you all a very ‘Happy New Year’.